The She Series Book

Created by Karen Hallion

The She Series: 100 Portraits and Essays of Inspiring Icons Whose Actions Changed the World

Latest Updates from Our Project:

6 months ago – Fri, Jul 16, 2021 at 04:16:12 PM

First off, thank you so much for backing this Kickstarter! I only got a few hours sleep last night because I was so anxious/excited to launch today! 

First off, we have a small typo. ALL the books at the "Center" tier will be signed, not just 200 of them. Kickstarter won't let me go fix that now that we have launched, but I will be signing all the books at the pledge level. 

Second, I wanted to point out the "Achievements". This is something new we are doing. YOU can see them further down on the page. As these get unlocked, with have fun stuff that we will do.  We are tracking the #SheSeriesBook hashtag across social media for shares. The last two items are my favorites, though. If you (or you child) want to draw your own She Series Style portrait and post it on social media. tag it with #SheSeriesArt! OR, if you want to write a few sentences, a paragraph, a few paragraphs about someone who inspires you, tag it with #SheSeriesEssays! We will track and share these, and those achievements will unlock. We will be adding more throughout the campaign. Let us know if you have any questions and THANK YOU!

<3 Karen

ps in the few minutes it took me to type this, we have unlocked two more achievements, we will update that on the page soon! 

6 months ago – Fri, Jul 16, 2021 at 07:19:29 AM

Thank you!!

Thank you for all your support, and thank you for your patience with some of our typos in the rewards sections. By accident, I listed a stretch at 50K instead of at 75K (ooops) but regardless...the book will be hardcover and have a book jacket. The next goal will be a lesson plan, then we will be adding more portraits and essays to the book! We've also unlocked seven achievements so far, which means I will be posting some digital wallpapers for everyone this evening. 

We are trying to answer every question we can and update the FAQ section as we go. 

Further along in the stretch goals, we will have more add-on items to unlock: more pin sets, sticker packs, a coloring book, biography cards, a digital calendar, etc.  :D